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Freedom Trail - Best attractions in Boston

Boston is a fascinating city with tons of history. One of the city's best attractions has got to be the Freedom Trail. Visitors can learn all about the American Revolution and other significant parts of American history by taking a 2.5 mile red brick path in downtown Boston. This path allows you to discover 16 different significant historical sites such as the Boston Common, the Old State House and the Old North Church, and really get immersed in the city's heritage.

The first place to start the Freedom Trail is at the Boston Common, established in 1634. It is the oldest public park in the country and used to be used for many purposes including public assembly, bonfires and celebration, but also a place for puritanical punishments with a whipping post, and where witches, pirates and criminals were hanged. Today, the park is used for festivals and performances and can be enjoyed all year-long. Also be sure to visit the State House which was built in 1798,andis widely considered as one of the most beautiful houses in the country.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

Next on the Freedom Trail is the Park Street Church which is known for supporting causes of social justice and human rights, in particular abolitionist causes. The Granary Burying Ground contains the graves of some 8,000 Boston natives, including 500 children at the Infant's Tomb # 203. Another burial ground that is part of the Freedom Trail is the Copp's Hill Burial Ground which is named after shoemaker William Copp.

The Freedom Trail also has the King's Chapel and the King's Chapel Burying Ground which was Boston's main burying place for 30 years and is as old as Boston itself. The next place to check out on the Freedom Trail is the Benjamin Franklin Statue and the Boston Latin School which was built in 1635 and was the country's first public school. Four of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence went to the Boston Latin School; Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

With Boston's Freedom Trail, you can really get immersed in some of the events that shaped American history. For example, you can visit Old South Meeting House where any dramatic events took place, including the fateful meeting of December 16, 1773 which would set the stage for the historic Boston Tea Party during which 342 crates of tea were destroyed. Another iconic building not to be missed is the Old State House which was the seat of the British Government before the Revolution, and from which the Declaration of Independence was read in 1776.

The Revolutionary War saw many bloody battles take place. While walking the Freedom Trail, make sure to visit the site of the Boston Massacre and the Bunker Hill Monument. Finally, no visit of the Freedom trail would be complete without a visit to the USS Constitution, which is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world and fought the war of 1812.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

Exploring Boston's Freedom Trail is an incredibly rich experience, and you can check it out thanks to a public guided tour offered by a traditionally costumed 18th Century guide. Tickets can be purchased online or at the tour's departure location. There are nine tours offered daily from April through November and fewer tours during the colder months. Tickets can be used for any tour date or time. Call 617-357-8300 for more information.

Public tours of the Freedom Trail depart either at the Visitor Information Center, Boston Common, BosTix Booth or on the South Side of Faneuil Hall, depending on the tour.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

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