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Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is an annual event in Boston which presents the latest in vegetarian food and cooking and brings together top national natural food providers experts on vegetarian cooking and nutrition. The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival has been taking place for the past 18 years and is the longest-running festival of its kind in the United States.

The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is organized and presented by the Boston Vegetarian Society which is dedicated to helping people, the environment and animals by promoting vegetarian plant-based eating, and a healthier more earth-friendly way of life. The Boston Vegetarian Society does this through various community and outreach events and educational seminars.

The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is held for two days in late October of every year. It takes place at the Roxbury Community College’s Reggie Lewis Center located on Tremont Street. It features many events and activities for vegans, vegetarians and everyone else that are both educational and fun. There are over a hundred vegetarian food growers and providers who come to showcase their foods and products while offering free samples to attendees.

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

All the food items at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival areenvironmentally-sound, animal-friendly and plant-based. The exhibitors also sell their products to people who want to incorporate foods into their lives that are healthier and more in harmony with animals and the environment. Many natural health food stores and grocery stores also come to exhibit their products here. There are tons of discounted shopping ideas at the festival and it’s the perfect time to stock up on vegetarian and vegan cooking items.

TheBoston Vegetarian Food Festivalalso showcases dozens of national experts on vegetarian food production and cooking that come to present their knowledge and provide tips on becoming vegan or vegetarian and living an environmentally-friendly and conscious life while getting healthier. There are many panel discussions, presentations and demonstrations from these speakers treating a wide variety of subjects in health, food safety, nutrition, sustainability, preventative medicine and animal rights.There are even registered dieticians at the festival who are ready to give out advice and nutritional expertise.

During the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, there are also many cooking demonstrations by well-known and award-winning national and celebrity chefs who concoct natural recipes and dishes that are tasty, appealing and healthy. Attendees can get free samples of the recipes created and talk directly with the food experts and cookbook authors to get tips and knowledge on cooking healthy. The speakers and cooks also bring with them their latest books and perform book signings after their demonstrations.

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

If you are specifically interested in animal rights, there are entire exhibits dedicated to this topic with many nonprofit organizations and national associations that you can get involved in.
The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is open to the public and free to attend. All the panel presentations are also free and there is free parking. There is also a subway stop right across the street which makes the festival very accessible.

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