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Chinatown Main Street Festival

The Chinatown Main Street Festival in Boston is one of the most popular summer events and an annual cultural event in Boston celebrating Chinese cultural in the city’s Chinatown district. The festival takes place for a full day in the month of June from 8 am to 6 pm and features tons of festivities and activities that are both educational and fun for all ages.

The Chinatown Main Street Festival is held on Tyler, Harrison, Beach, and Hudson Streets in Boston’s Chinatown which is the center of Chinese culture in the city but also all of New England. The event is open to the public, is free to attend and is family-friendly. The eventshowcases the vibrant Chinese culture and celebrates the diversity and vitality of Boston’s Chinatown and Asian-American community through a wide variety of entertainment such as Chinese folk dances, children’s Chinese folk dances,lion dances and many martial arts performances by over 10 martial arts club which execute beautifully coordinated traditional dance shows.

The event isn’t confined to just Chinese culture however; there are also other Asian art forms available such as Japanese presentations and Burmese dancing groups at the Chinatown Main Street Festival. The event turns Chinatown into one big block party with tons of music to discover with everything from Chinese and Peking opera, Japanese drumming and other traditional instruments and music. There is also a fashion show.

Chinatown Main Street Festival

The Chinatown Main Street Festival is very popular and draws in 5,000 to 10,000 people every year.  Approximately 70 percent of them are Asian and 30 percent are non-Asians with both locals and tourists and out of town visitors, who come to enjoy the celebration of Chinese and Asian cultures but also buy products from the many vendors. Most of Chinatown’s store keepers set up shop outside their businesses using tables and booths and offer their merchandise for sale at good prices.  It’s the perfect opportunity to buy a gift item, Asian apparel, souvenir or traditional arts, crafts and trinkets for home or office decoration.

The Chinatown Main Street Festival is also popular because of its food. Boston’s Chinatown is known for its wide variety of food choices and restaurants that have menus ranging from very traditional to the most Americanized of Asian cuisines. Here you can try out Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Szechuan and many others within a 4-block radius. Many restaurants provide special deals and prices during the Chinatown Main Street Festival. If you want to try out the neighborhood’s delicious cuisine but don’t want to sit down, you can pick up something to go at many of the food vendors and booths that are set up all along Chinatown’s streets during the festival.

Chinatown Main Street Festival

Families with kids will be happy to know that there are activities dedicated especially to them with many fun things to do such as Origami lessons, dancing, sculptures from rice dough, art making and much more. During the festival, many of the local nonprofits set up booths so it’s a great way to get to know and engage with the organizations that are active in the community.

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