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International Boston Seafood Show

The International Boston Seafood Show is the largest seafood industry event in all of North America. The show which is held at the Boston Convention Center brings together over 18,000 attendees from over 120 countries all over the world. Attendees include wholesalers, exporters, importers, brokers, traders, suppliers and buyers from hotels, restaurants, and other industries. These exhibitors come to expose their products in order to penetrate the vast North American seafood market which depends to a large extent, over 80 percent, on foreign imports.

The International Boston Seafood Show takes place in March of every year for three days and has been held since 1982. It has been vastly popular since then with its attendance increasing from year to year. Over 900 exhibitors from more than 42 countries all over the world come to showcase their products in almost 2,000 booths. There are all kinds of products from frozen and live seafood, value-added, branded and private labels, and processing equipment and services from machinery to refrigeration. The pavilions exposing the seafood products are divided up by country and region.

The International Boston Seafood Show offers a unique networking opportunity for exhibitors to meet with suppliers and other industry experts and build lasting business relationships with them. It’s also a good time for industry insiders to follow trends and uncover strategies, ideas and tools to grow their seafood business. They can also discover new hot products in the market, and get introduced tocutting edge technology in the seafood industry.

International Boston Seafood Show

The International Boston Seafood Showfeatures many educational opportunities and ways to learn everything there is to know about the seafood industry. There are many panel discussions and presentations animated by industry experts and leaders. The conference program at the International Boston Seafood Show is rich and varied with themes ranging from seafood menu trends, sustainable seafood, kosher and halal certification in the seafood industry, merchandising and financing in the seafood industry, fraud in the seafood marketplace, development of seafood trends and economic prospects in various regions in the world.

Tickets to attend the International Boston Seafood Show are sold in the form of passports. There are two different kinds of passports, the gold passport and the silver passport. The gold passport includes access to all of the sessions including the Species Forum, and the SeaFood Business Summit, while the silver passport provides access to up to 4 sessions but does not include the Species Forum or SeaFood Business Summit. There are also two other types of tickets, the species forum which includes species forum and access to the exhibit hall and the Seafood business summit which includes entry to the Exhibit Hall and SeaFood Business Summit only.

International Boston Seafood Show

The basic conference cost is $350 and $150 respectivelyfor the gold and silver passports. Prices of the passports increases as the date of the conference approaches and can rise up to $450 and $250 respectively, so if you plan to attend the show, it’s better to buy tickets in advance to save money and secure a spot.

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