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Best Boston Party

Boston is a great city to party in especially because it has such a large university population and everyone knows that students love to go out. When you visit this city you can rest assured you'll have some great nights as there is nightlife fun to suit all tastes.There are hundreds of night clubs in Boston.

No matter what your music taste, culture or sexual orientation is there is a club that you will enjoy. Club Venu caters to the younger crowd who are always ready to dance the night away. Another hip night club for the young and beautiful is Enormous Room which is not at all a big room and can be rather stuffy at times, not that the party goers mind. Scullers Jazz Club provides live entertainment and is a great place for a romantic evening, with its two amazing nightly shows.

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Boston has a large Irish community so if an evening in a pub is what you enjoy there are great ones to choose from. Leave the traditional tourist pubs and go to places like Kinsales, a very popular Irish pub where Bostonian workers unwind with a Guinness. The vibrant atmosphere enhanced by live Celtic music will definitely make the night worthwhile. Flann O' Brien's favors Irish tunes and British rock music. It is very popular with the students and the pool table area is their favorite spot.

The Kells is both a restaurant and nightclub. It has two dance floors, four bars and one restaurant. Music ranges from hip hop to disco. Meals are surprisingly good at Kells. Have an excellent dinner at Middlesex Lounge before 9pm and then be surprised how it suddenly transforms from restaurant to club, where you can dance the night away to famous national and international spinning DJs.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

Cambridge Brewing Co in Kendall Square has a nearby cinema and restaurants. Not only are their brews great but the atmosphere is very lively as well. Pub meals are available. For eccentrics, head on over to River Gods as the music played is alternative rock and the décor is highly unusual.

If you are not into the dancing scene you may enjoy a night of comedy. There are great comedy shows in Boston such as Dick's Beantown Comedy Vault at Remington's Restaurant. You will have a very enjoyable night full of laughs. Nick's Comedy Stop is a very comfortable and casual place and guarantees each visitor will leave with quite the belly ache from all the laughter.

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Dinner theatre is another lovely relaxing way to spend a night out. Medieval Manor Theatre provides a comedic view on life in the middle ages while you feast on a six course meal. If you are hungry you must try a pizza at Woody's Grill and tap with the most interesting toppings.

Both Symphony concert attendees and baseball goers end up at Woody's after their respective outings which make for a very oddly mixed crowd. There are about 18 beers on tap to choose from to enjoy with your pizza.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston