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Weather Boston Massachusetts

Boston is one of the wettest cities in the United States with consistent precipitation in the form of rain and snow throughout the year. Ocean breezes from the Atlantic Ocean also result in high winds at times and keep the city's temperatures relatively mild compared to other cities in the Northeast. There is an average of 42 inches of rainfall during the year, spread out in about 3 to 4 inches and 9 to 11 days of rain per month.

With its rich heritage and incredible historical landmarks, Boston is fun to visit all year long, but the high season for tourism in the city is during the fall. During this time, temperatures are mild in the 60s and 70s but get cooler as winter approaches. The leaves are just starting to turn colors, resulting in gorgeous foliage and incredible scenery.

Weather Boston - Boston City

The New England area is one of the most colorful parts of the country during the fall, and you should definitely consider booking a foliage tour during your trip to Boston. The best time to catch the most color in the Boston area is from the middle to late October. The fall is also a great time to visit Massachusetts because of all the college students coming in to study at some of the world's most renowned universities located in Boston such as Harvard and MIT. The fall with its mild temperatures and sunny weather is also the perfect time to go on the famed Freedom Trail to discover all of Boston's most historical sites.

Winters in Boston can be brutally cold just like the rest of the northeast. It's not a very good time to visit Boston unless you want to go skiing in the surrounding mountains. There is significant snowfall at 41 inches with January being the snowiest at 13.3 inches of snow and 6.4 snowy days. There is also a lot of snow in December, February and March but little snow the rest of the year. The further inland you go in Boston, the more snowfall there is and the colder the weather.

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Spring is often short-lived in Boston with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and significant rain. Summer is also a good time to visit Boston if you can take the heat. It can get very hot and humid in the summer with temperature highs in the 80s and a lot of humidity. During the summer, there are a lot of tourists, and many of the city's attractions can be overcrowded. You should definitely plan on picking up tickets to cheer on the Boston Red Sox at the famed and historic Fenway Park.Also, take advantage of the summer weather to go shopping on Newbury Street or Quincy Market.

Summer weather in Boston is hot and can be very unpredictable with many severe thunderstorms and heavy rains and winds. On occasion, there can be tornado warnings around the area, so always check out the forecast before heading out, and take an umbrella or raincoat with you.


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